About the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice

The Academy is composed of an outstanding Board of Directors and Advisory Board. These dedicated doctors are committed to the Academy mission of fulfilling the need to promote the practice of chiropractic for children, pregnant mothers and whole families.

Board Of Directors

The Academy Board members are a select group of doctors who have been actively involved in chiropractic pediatrics for at least 20 years. They bring both clinical and academic expertise to the Academy Board.

Patti Giuliano, DC, FICPA
Westwood, MA USA

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Linda Slak, DC, CACCP

Burlington, MA USA

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Kim Rahuba Stetzel, DC
Vice President

Branchville, NJ USA

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Jeanne Ohm, DC, FICPA
Media, PA USA

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Pamela Stone, DC, CACCP
Kennesaw, GA USA

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Christie Kwon, MS, DC

Atlanta, GA USA

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Doreen Castellucci

Hendersonville, NC USA

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has been selected to assist the Board in continued collaboration and advancement of the Academy.

Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC, DICCP
Barrie, ON Canada

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Patrick Montgomery, DC
St. Louis, MO USA

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Geraldine Mulhall-Wright, DC, CACCP
Pleasant Hill, CA USA

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Drew Rubin, DC
Marietta, GA USA

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Rochelle Neally, DC
Whittier, CA USA

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Mary C. Unger-Boyd, DC
St. Louis, MO USA

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Ron Castellucci, DC
Hendersonville, NC USA

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