Doreen Castellucci

Hendersonville, NC USA

Doreen Castellucci is a 1980 graduate of Nassau Community College with an Associate's degree in Accounting and 1988 graduate of the University of Missouri-St.Louis with a Bachelor's degree in History. For over 30 years, Doreen has been able to help businesses find the hidden talents within them and change how they use those skills so they have the best opportunity to succeed. She has a unique perspective with her combined financial and historical background plus all the experience she has had living the chiropractic life. Doreen enjoys being a sounding board for business clients, but her real passion is helping launch chiropractic students into their practices. Teaching someone to work with their mission and not just work in their business is incredibly rewarding. Probably more so then a pr (personal record) in the New York City marathon. Runners are never done.

She is married to her best friend, Dr. Ron Castellucci, and for the past 31 years they have been raising their two children, Nick and Amy, and hope they will continue to join their parents in their adventures for a long time.