Diane Meyer, DC, DACCP

Diane Meyer, DC, DACCP

Dr. Diane Meyer is a chiropractor and mother of four. After completing the doctor of chiropractic diploma in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Meyer quickly enrolled and completed the ICPA pediatric certification program in 1994.

Passionate about the sanctity of the birth process and the preservation of children's health, Dr. Meyer continued on with studies and obtained diplomate status with the ICPA in 2005.

The goal for chiropractic care is to nurture and allow the full expression of health in every child and person that is under care. From pregnancy, through to birth and adolescence...each stage has its challenges and special considerations. My gained knowledge and experience through the ICPA, has enriched me as a Chiropractor.

"It was a tremendous learning experience and I am grateful to the ICPA for creating the opportunity to learn from such esteemed colleagues and professionals. Chiropractic has been the key in optimizing and maintaining the health of all three of my children. It is an honour, duty, and privilege to serve my communities families and help them to achieve health and wellness through the amazing gift of Chiropractic."