Martine Cousette, DC, DACCP

Martine Cossette, DC, DACCP

Dr. Martine Cossette is graduated from the U.Q.T.R. (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), in 2001.

The Family Weekend at “New Beginnings” in New Jersey she attended to during her third year at the university had a tremendous influence on her.  It was the first time she was exposed to a chiropractic model taking care of children and the whole family.  She had finally found what she wanted to do for the rest of her life in chiropractic: taking care of children, pregnant moms and whole families.

While being at the university chiropractic clinic, she met doctors that were taking care of children and pregnant moms.   She started at that time the 120 hour certification program of the I.C.P.A.  She has distinguished herself during her internship by giving over a thousand of chiropractic adjustments and by treating a very young child with special needs…

During those days at the university clinic, she has also co-directed a show on the campus radio station educating and talking about chiropractic and health every week.

She is now practising in the province of Quebec, Canada, near Montreal in the city of Saint-Hyacinthe. and is building a chiropractic practice where she wants patients to find all the resources they need about health and wellness for their children and whole family.

Her mission is to educate patients, caregivers and families about the beneficial advantages chiropractic care can bring to everyone’s health and even more specially to pregnant women and children. She is also encouraging women in childbearing years to start to prepare their body even before becoming pregnant.  Children and pregnant moms make up 30% of her practice. 

Three times a year, she presents post-natal classes to new mothers. She meets and offers useful tips for spinal and nerve system health for their infants and children. Dr Martine also offers classes on natural immunity, nutrition and family wellness.

During the past five years, she has visited primary schools reaching children between 9 and 12 years old, educating them about the important role played by their spine and nervous system and how to protect and take care of those systems and of their health in general.

She is now making contacts with midwives and “doulas”. After taking “doula” classes with a midwife and having been more and more in contact with the concept of a home birth, she plans to have her children at home.  She also wants to provide that knowlege to other women.  Her goal is to assist other women to regain the confidence and trust in their body's ability to give birth naturally. Dr. Martine will be offering classes on this topic as well.

She dreams about founding a chiropractic center where volunteer chiropractors and students can come to care for families and special needs children.