Paediatric Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Recurrent Abdominal Pain

Alcantara J, Swoboda B, Oman RE

Chiropractic Journal of Australia [Accepted for Publication]


Objective: To describe the successful chiropractic care of paediatric patient with complaints of chronic, recurrent abdominal pain.

Clinical Features: The patient is a 9-yr-old female with complaints of “stomach aches” of 7 weeks duration. Trauma or food intolerance as causation was denied. The pain was described as “burning” in the left upper abdominal quadrant and accompanied by an increase in flatulence. The patient’s daily school routine and performance in gymnastics were reported to be affected. Medical care consisted of prescription of Mylanta which provided unsatisfactory results.

Intervention and Outcomes: The patient received full spine adjustments utilising the Activator Technique. The patient responded immediately following the first and subsequent visits with a reported decrease in abdominal pain symptoms. Following 6 patient visits, the patient was released from care.

Conclusion: This case report describes the successful care of a paediatric patient with complaints of abdominal pain.