The effect of Chiropractic care on an 8 day old child with difficulty Breastfeeding after Breech presentation

Donna J. Hedgepeth, DC, DACCP


Objective: To demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment of an 8 day old girl with breastfeeding difficulties.

Clinical Features: An 8 day old girl presented to a chiropractor’s office for evaluation and treatment of inability to breastfeed. Symptoms included ineffective latching and signs of discomfort with positions of breastfeeding. Other findings included a markedly asymmetric head shape with a flattened, pinned right ear. Inability to breastfeed was reported with every feeding attempt since birth. The patient’s mother consulted a lactation expert, however without benefit. The patient had been examined by her pediatrician to rule out tongue tie or other medical conditions related to the inability to breastfeed.

Intervention and Outcome: Specific spinal manipulative therapy and cranial techniques were applied over a 6 week period. After the 1st treatment the patient was able to breastfeed with assistance and no supplementation was required. After the 3rd visit the mother reported successful unassisted breastfeeding latch. Improvement with ear shape and appearance was visible after the 5th and 6th treatments.

Conclusion: Chiropractic care should be considered for children with difficulties breastfeeding. More studies should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation and the resolutions of breastfeeding difficulties.

Key Indexing Terms: breastfeeding, latch, chiropractic, spinal manipulative therapy, cranial therapy