Care During Pregnancy: Perspectives of Chiropractic Patients

Kate Engelhardt, DC, DACCP


Background and Significance: Medical research such as Obstetrics and
Gynecology reports that lower back pain (LBP) is a common problem that causes hardships during pregnancy with the most common etiology reported as dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints. According to the journal Spine, the efficacy of spinal manipulation for patients with acute or chronic
low back pain has been demonstrated with sound randomized clinical trials. Currently, there are no qualitative reports in the field of chiropractic on this topic or other domains such as LBP involving pregnant women. Therefore, the aim of this qualitative study will be to examine the types of musculoskeletal complaints that pregnant women most often reported at a chiropractic clinic, courses of care, and the outcomes. Other aspects of care such as whether concerns of safety were addressed, why the patient
sought out chiropractic care and any co-management between the birth provider and chiropractor will be explored.

Materials and Methods: This study involves an in depth interview of
women who presented to a chiropractic clinic during pregnancy. The interviews will be performed in person or via telephone. All interviews will be
recorded with the patient’s permission