A Pediatric Patient Presenting with Asthma, Subluxations and Scoliosis: A Case Study

Raelynn Cancel, DC


Objective: The purpose of this case study is to discuss a case study involving a pediatric female presenting to a chiropractic office with asthma, vertebral subluxations, and scoliosis. Possible mechanisms of how chiropractic adjustments may influence the symptoms of asthma are discussed.

Design: A case study.

Setting: Private practice.

Patient: An eleven-year-old female.

Results: The resolution of asthmatic symptoms, cessation of medication use, and monitoring of a previously undetected scoliosis.

Conclusion: A pediatric female presented with asthma, vertebral subluxations, and scoliosis. Resolution of asthmatic symptoms has resolved without the use of medication by adjusting vertebral subluxations. Scoliosis continues to be monitored as the patient is entering puberty.

Key Indexing Terms: asthma, vertebral subluxation, scoliosis.

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