ICPA 200 Hour Certification and 400 Hour Diplomate
Program Overview

The entire 400-Hour Diplomate Program is two parts: 

Part One: 200-Hour Certification Program CACCP
Part Two: 200-Hour Clinical Competency DACCP 

Diplomate Part One: The ICPA 200-Hour Certification Program (CACCP)

With the 200-Hour Certification Program (CACCP), the ICPA has raised the bar for chiropractic clinical and academic standards. Attendees of the 200-Hour Program will experience the renowned, hands-on ICPA certification curriculum.

The CACCP program consists of 19 course offerings (15 in-person seminars and 4 online seminars) and a comprehensive take home final exam.

The 200-Hour Certification Program is also Part One for the entire 400-Hour Diplomate Program. Doctors who are enrolled in the classes for CACCP are also eligible to begin the requirements for Part Two of the Diplomate.

All clinical curriculums and research participation foster evidenced informed practice.

The entire 200 hours for Certification is referred to as Part One because it provides the initial 200 hours towards Diplomate status. Read more here.

Diplomate Part Two: 200-Hour Clinical Competency (DACCP)

The 400-Hour Diplomate program consists of the 200-Hour Certification Program (Part One) and the remaining 200 Clinical Comeptency hours. Part Two is open to graduated, licensed chiropractors. It consists of research, public education, clinical application and classroom hours. Enrollment in Part One 200-Hour Certification is a prerequisite to enroll in Part Two.

Yes! Doctors can enroll for Part Two while you are taking the Part One classes.

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