ICPA 200 Hour Certification and 400 Hour Diplomate:
Biennial Continuing Ed Requirements

The mission of the ICPA Certification Program is to establish and advance chiropractic family care for the profession. To accomplish this, we expect our graduates to achieve the role of leadership in the profession by their on-going participation in advanced clinical expertise, evidence-based research and valued public education. It is with this intent that the 12 hour bi-annual requirement to maintain certification status was instituted.

All CACCP and DACCP graduates (past and future) are required to take a 12 hour class with the ICPA to advance their knowledge of family care. The cycle for completion will run on a 2 year cycle in even years, ending on December 31.


Current Graduates:

The deadline for all current diplomates to complete this is December 31, 2016. The next cycle renewal deadline will be December 31, 2018 and then every other even year: 2020, 2022, 2024, etc.

Here is a list of opportunities for you to fulfill your bi-annual 12 hour credits to maintain Diplomate status.

1- Refresh and Review: All ICPA classes, even refreshers, are considered eligible for credit. For our 2016 time period, we highly recommend some of our more recent additions.

2- Connect and Collaborate: Attendance to our international Freedom for Family Wellness Summit fulfills annual requirements.

3- Support Research: Participation in a current ICPA Practice Based Research Network Module (PBRN) project.

4- Establish Evidence-Informed Practice: A cost effective way to accrue credit hours is by participating in the peer reviewing of articles in chiropractic journals and research symposiums. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in the necessary research in our profession and also to advance your status in our profession. Please contact us if you are interested in this option:pbrn@icpa4kids.com


Future Graduates:

If you are awarded certification/ diplomate status during an even year, you will be expected to fulfill your requirement by the following even year, December 31st. For example, you become certified in 2014 (regardless of the month) you will be expected to fulfill your requirements by December 31, 2016.

If you are awarded certification during an odd year, you will be considered fulfilled for the current cycle. Your next renewal fulfillment will be the following even year December 31st. For example, you become certified in 2015 (regardless of the month) you will be expected to fulfill your requirements by December 31, 2018.

From that point forward, your requirement will always be due by December 31st every even year.